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Our team of roofing specialists will provide you with the best roof solution based on your needs with consideration of your budget and the environment in which you reside.   Some things to consider are: overall aesthetics desired; maintenance required by material type; cost of materials; cost of labour and length of time to install (these can vary greatly by material type ie: asphalt shingles vs clay tiles).  Our team is happy to review all these factors with you when you need or are considering replacement of your roof.

Steps we follow when replacing your roof:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your roof, support structure, as well as soffits and attic vents to ensure your roof has appropriate ventilation.
  2. Provide a cost estimate and timeline to complete the work.
  3. Apply for all permits, if required, before work begins.
  4. We will protect of your home and property during the installation process:
    1. Move outdoor furniture and items away from areas being worked to avoid damage from falling debris.
    2. Use of materials, if required, such as tarps or sturdier materials to protect gardens, flower beds, bushes, heat pumps, air conditioners, and sheds, etc.
    3. Recommend and arrange for removal of branches or trees that may impact work progress or potentially cause future damage to your roof.
  5. Remove existing roof and associated materials such as roofing felt (underlay) and flashing.
  6. Inspect roof decking for: gaps; missing nails; rot; mold; deterioration; soft spots; water damage; and proper attachment to roof rafters. Repair and/or replace as needed with consultation with home owner if additional costs are expected above initial estimate.
  7. Prepare the roof by installing new flashing, roofing felt (underlay), drip edge installation, and any other materials that may be specific to your weather conditions or type of roofing materials being installed.
  8. Finally we install your new roof.
  9. Final inspection is then completed by contractor and home owner following installation.
  10. Our crew will then perform a cleanup of the site including removal of all waste incurred in the removal of all materials stripped from your old roof.
  11. Final cost of materials, labour, permits, and applicable taxes is submitted to home owner.

Following installation it is important to perform all appropriate and timely roof maintenance to prolong the life and beauty of your home.

Click here for recommended general maintenance steps and strategies.

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