Common Roof Repairs House Top Experts Cover

Flashing repair or replacement due to damage or age
Flashing is used to protect your roof in areas where your roof has been penetrated.  An example of this is a chimney goes through the roof of your home.   Flashing is attached and sealed flat against your chimney and roof to cover the area where your structure and your chimney meet.   It is necessary to avoid leaks and gaps that would otherwise be present.  It is typically made of metal and can be therefore vulnerable to rust and impact damage.  In most cases it is recommended to be completely replaced.

Missing or lifted shingles
Missing shingles can be due to high winds and/or improper attachment to your roof. It can also be a sign of moss, inadequate ventilation, insect invasion, manufacturer defect, etc. In many cases it involves re-tarring/resealing or simply shingle replacement. We will however, thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure it isn’t indicative of a larger issue of which you may be able to avoid.

Cracked Shingle Tiles
This is commonly caused by impact damage such as hail stones or large flying debris during high winds. Is can also be due to manufacturers defect.

These can be due to exposure of roof decking due to missing shingles or tiles as well as small punctures or gaps in your roof can be hard to detect.  We will thoroughly inspect and repair the damaged area as well as determine is the structure of your roof needs attention due to water damage.

Damage from animals or insects
Holes in your roof, animal waste, noise on your roof, noise in your walls,and noticeable changes in your heating or cooling costs can all be signs that animals or insects have invaded your home and are having an impact on the integrity of your structure.  We will thoroughly inspect your roof to block and repair and incurred damage.

Improperly installed roof
If you are buying an existing home we can perform an inspection before you purchase. An improperly installed roof can cause you thousands of dollars to repair or replace which may or may not be covered by your insurance. If you have had the misfortune of owning a home with an improperly installed roof we can help determine, and, either repair or replace depending on the degree of failure incurred or impending failure.

These are the most common issues we cover understanding if you have a problem with your roof not listed here our team is ready and able to address.   Please call us directly if you suspect you have an issue before larger and potentially more cost and damage is incurred.

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