Commercial Roof installation

Attic Ventilation Solutions

Attic Ventilation Solutions Purpose: Proper ventilation keeps air moving through your attic as a means to avoid stagnancy and to prevent moisture accumulation. Why is it important: Inadequate ventilation in your attic can: Increase your cooling costs and/or heating costs (due to either hot or cold air build up), as well as cause warping and/or […]

Steel Roof Installation

Average Cost of Roofing Based on Material Cost

Average Cost of Roofing Based on Material Cost New Roofing installation or replacement costs can vary greatly based on the materials you choose. Some things to consider: Maintenance frequency; Pitch and complexity of your roof; Square footage of your roof; Life span of┬ámaterials; Overall costs; Overall Look; Environmental conditions in your area; Insulating qualities; etc. […]

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